Telecoms Tracker CSP Coronavirus Impact Survey Report Q2 2020

Telecoms Tracker CSP Coronavirus Impact Survey Report Q2 2020

The Q2 2020 quarterly Telecoms Tracker CSP Survey has been dedicated solely to assessing the impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic on the communication service provider’s business and subsequently the telecoms software markets. All 20 questions are aimed at establishing impact on consumer and B2B telecoms markets in the short to medium term.  impact that CSPs of various size, type and geography are seeing from their internal data and experiences.


As with all Telecoms Tracker reports, the topics are focused on key themes important to the telecoms software vendors, reflecting the opinions of several hundred key CSP employees along with analysis informed by our ongoing software vendor briefings and interviews. Sample pages are available upon request.


Each question includes the response data, selected anonymised comments, Telecoms Tracker analysis and breakdown of response data by geography and job role.


Report format: PDF or MS Word document

Pages: TBA

Number of respondents: 521

Questions are multiple choice, defined by Telecoms Tracker, with a free type comments box so respondents can elaborate on their answer.

Author: Dean Ramsay, Research Director


Table of Contents:


1. Executive Summary


2. Survey Results, analysis and data breakdowns


Revenues and spending


2.1. What impact has the C-19 pandemic had on your overall revenues for this quarter (April-June 2020)?


2.2. Which lines of business do you see most negatively impacted?


2.3. Which lines of business have you seen most positively impacted?


2.4. Have you put a stop to Capex investments planned for 2020 as a result of

the C-19 pandemic, and if so, which types?


2.5. Have any major transformation projects that were already running at the beginning of 2020 been paused or cancelled as a result of the C-19 pandemic?


The operational impact


2.6. The ‘lockdown’ phase of the C-19 pandemic saw billions of people worldwide confined to their homes, did this necessitate a major reorganisation of your network strategy?


2.7. The pandemic has inevitably caused a delay to the rollout of infrastructure for 5G deployments, how severe do you estimate that delay to be?


2.8. Have you seen any notable shortcomings in your BSS/OSS architecture which were tolerable before, but have been exposed due to the changing circumstances during the pandemic? Please choose from the following categories, comment below.


2.9. Has your company adopted any innovative new ways of working for your own staff, which will continue for the next few months?


2.10. Network capacity overhead has been an obvious concern for many operators during the lockdown phase of the pandemic, and yet it is widely reported than most networks remained resilient. Was NFV a factor in this resilience in your case?


Lasting effects for the short and medium term


2.11. Digital content providers have shown large spikes in revenue over the lockdown phase, has this catalysed your own digital strategy planning, to compete for a greater stake in these revenues?


2.12. We estimate that home working will be significantly increased for at least the next year, what are the consequences of this for your business? (free type field)


2.13. Operators with a limited type of customer base (example: CSPs which supply connectivity solutions to the aviation industry) are suffering the most during the pandemic. Will your company diversify its core business model in the wake of the pandemic to lessen the exposure to similar event? If so which target sectors?


2.14. Do you have any examples of partnerships with your vendors and suppliers that have become a real success story during this period and will have greater focus in the coming months?


2.15. Consumer sentiment appears to have improved for the industry as CSPs have done a good job providing ‘lifeline’ services for consumers and businesses during the lockdown. What can we do to ride that spirit of good will? (free type field)


New opportunities brought about by the pandemic


2.16. There have been several high profile IoT success stories in the press during the pandemic: remote pharmaceutical lab work, remote health monitoring, smart manufacturing, public detection and tracking etc. Have you seen any similar cases that have boosted confidence your company’s investments in IoT? If so, in which area?


2.17. The success of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms has been huge during the pandemic, has this altered your CSP’s approach to delivering video traffic and if so, how?


2.18. Many small and medium enterprises may go out of business due to the pandemic, does your company have any new plans to help this sector recover?


2.19. Digital services such as gaming and VoD have added many millions of new subscribers worldwide, what percentage of these new subs do you estimate can be retained in the long run?


2.20. What is the single most important thing that we can learn from the Coronavirus pandemic, that will make the industry better going forward?


3. Research Methodology and About the Author


4. About Telecoms Tracker