CSP Survey Report 2020: OSS, BSS and Network Software Systems

CSP Survey Report 2020: OSS, BSS and Network Software Systems

This report is a large scale survey of several hundred key personnel within Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Twenty questions focused on telecoms software OSS, BSS and network automation themes, exploring how software will empower CSPs in their ongoing deployment of 5G, IoT, and next generation communications in B2B and Consumer markets.


Much of the strategic planning that telecoms software vendors do is based on long-held beliefs and assumptions about their customers attitudes and truthful opinions on current industry trends. This report is designed to replace guesswork by providing statistical data, commentary from key CSP staff and analysis from Telecoms Tracker.


This report provides a large body of quantitative data, qualitative information and expert opinion on the burning issues currently affecting telecommunications service providers and software vendors. Readers high level assumptions on the industry will be refreshed and they will be informed on more focused trends surrounding the nature of telecoms software current usage and future predictions.


Each question includes the response data, selected anonymised comments, Telecoms Tracker analysis and breakdown of response data by geography and job role.


Format: PDF or MS Word document

Pages: 44

Word count: 21198

Diagrams: 54

Number of respondents: different for each question, but typically around the 400 mark

Author: Dean Ramsay, Research Director


Table of Contents:


Q1. What proportion of customer service orders do you estimate are currently fully automated from creation to completion within your company?


Q2. Which elements of your BSS or customer-facing systems are currently most in need of improvement?


Q3. How well prepared is your wider operational infrastructure to positively monetize (making profit) 5G RAN in year 1 and 2? (Scale of 1-10, 1 being ‘not at all prepared’ 10 being ‘totally prepared’)


Q4. Have you seen any evidence of commercial telecoms software driving a culture of service innovation within your CSP?


Q5. What is the next major transformation step that you are planning in the drive towards ‘digital operations’ (5G/Cloud/NFV/SDN/IoT etc)?


Q6. What is the most significant operational challenge to becoming a serious IoT service provider in 2020?


Q7. Do you think CSPs are currently making the right moves to take a central role in IoT value chains?


Q8. Are you seeing a drive within the company towards a heavy focus on digital services?


Q9. How long does it take on average to bring new services to market?


Q10. How much DevOps activity do you see in the OSS/BSS in your area of the business?


Q11. The first wave of significant 5G revenues will almost certainly come from B2B services, what do you see as the likely hot use cases?


Q12. Do you see any AI-driven customer engagement activity currently in your area of the business?


Q13. How important is a ‘single pain of glass’ master GUI in OSS/BSS, removing the ‘swivel chair’ approach of many individual user interfaces for each separate software system are used by CSP staff? (On a scale of 1-10, 10 being ‘essential’ and 1 being ‘totally unnecessary’).


Q14. Many OSS/BSS vendors are moving to a microservices architecture in their software, do you think this is a necessary evolution? (On a scale of 1-10, 10 being ‘essential’ and 1 being ‘totally unnecessary’).


Q15. What are the most prominent challenges you see in service level orchestration?


Q16. Which one thing do consumers most expect from 5G RAN?


Q17. In 2019 we saw many announcements about Rakuten Mobile, building a fully virtualized network and cloud native software infrastructure with all of the latest cutting edge refinements, do you think this is the first in a succession of new breed companies, which will intensify competition for existing CSPs?


Q18. Have any of your software vendor partners excelled themselves in the last two years, making a big impact on your business?


Q19. In five years’ time, what percentage of your company’s revenue do you estimate will be from service models that you currently do not provide?


Q20. How important is it to you for telecoms software vendors to offer their solutions in a SaaS model? (On a scale of 1-10, 10 being ‘essential’ and 1 being ‘totally unnecessary’).


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